International teaching project

Following the international character of the school, once a month an activity in English related to the pet and country that each level has been given takes place in class. The aim of this project, called “Travelling week”, is for students to learn about a new culture and a new country in a fun and entertaining way. The mascots for our kids groups are:  Infants – Kim, the sweet koala from Australia, Kids 1 – Pandy, the friendly panda bear from China, Kids 2 – Tom, the brave tiger from Thailand, Kids 3 – Zoe, the smiley zebra from Kenya, Junior 1 – Leo, the brave lion from South-Africa, Junior 2 – Presley, the fast panther from South-America.

The activities include games, songs, crafts and more, always related to the pet that visits the classroom that day and that reveals aspects such as food, clothing, language, traditions, festivities, etc., from its country.